Hiring A Foreign Live-in Nanny - Questions & Answers

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Over three decades of experience and continuous direct contact with overseas personnel agencies, ensures that PARAGON Personnel Ltd. can provide you with the best possible service and nannies selection available.

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We have locally available nannies: Live-in, Live-out, Full Time and Part Time. Most of our nannies have several years of local and international work experience.

Employers who need a foreign live-in nanny must meet the following requirements

Must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident in Canada.

Must meet a minimum financial criteria.

The position must be full-time for a minimum of one year duration.

Provide Room & Board (if required) at no cost.

Adhere to all Canadian labour laws and regulations.

How does Paragon help us select the right nanny?

A discussion about your specific needs will help determine the type of caregiver best suited to your household. A consultation without obligation will provide you with the best foreign live-in nanny meeting your requirements. All applications presented to you have been selected and screened by our overseas partner agencies. You can review some profiles of overseas applicants on our Nannies - Database.

Where do Paragon's nannies come from?

Our nannies come from eastern European countries (Romania, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine and others). Periodically we get applications from Australia and South America through our affiliated agencies in these countries. In addition, we have contacts in Taiwan and Hong Kong who provide us with experienced Filipino domestic help. We also provide screened, experienced and qualified locally available nannies on Full Time and Part Time basis.

I don't live in the Lower Mainland. Can you provide me with a nanny?

Yes, all other communities outside the Lower Mainland (Vancouver area) can be provided with a foreign live-in nanny housekeeper brought in from different parts of the world. We have clients in: Victoria, Nanaimo, Duncan (Vancouver Island), as well as: Kamloops, Kelowna, Penticton, Cranbrook, Prince George and Fort Nelson. We also serve clients in Alberta: Calgary, Edmonton, Slave Lake, Fort McMuray as well as Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and other communities.

What about the Employment Authorization?

Under the Canada Employment Act, we, Paragon Personnel, are not permitted to act on your behalf in this matter. However, a professional Immigration Consultant will prepare all the necessary forms required for the procedures with 'Service Canada' (SC) and the BC Ministry of Labour. Your signature on these documents will be required to intiate the process.

How long does it take to get my nanny?

Once your offer of employment has been validated by Service Canada, normal transfer from Europe, Australia, South America, Taiwan and Hong Kong, is 16 to 20 weeks.

What if our new nanny does not work out?

The first three months of employment are the probation period for your new nanny. If you are not satisfied with the performance of her duties, we will replace your nanny at no extra charge. Should employment be discontinued after the three months probation but before the expiration of twelve months, we will arrange for you to select an alternate employee at a pro-rated portion of the total fee.

What is the salary range for the nanny?

A foreign live-in nanny's salary starts at $12.00 gross per hour (median wage as per the federal government) and could go higher depending on her working hours, special skills and requirements of the position and past experience and training in the field.

Are there any additional costs?

Yes. As per the new regulations introduced April 1, 2010, employers must cover the transportation costs from the employee's place of residence to the employer's home. If your nanny is coming from another country, you must cover her transportation cost. You will be expected to pick-up your nanny upon her arrival at the airport, or to make the necessary additional travel arrangements if your residence is outside the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

We can not accommodate a live-in nanny. Can Paragon help us?

Definitely. If you live in the Lower Mainland area, we can provide local nannies who do not require accommodation for full time and part time positions.

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