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Karina Mae C.

I graduated the degree of Bachelor in nursing which made me equipped with the different aspects in life and currently handling minor kid aged 5 with cancer survivor parents.
Furthermore skills and experiences I have gained in my work settings, for more than 3 years, has combined with character qualities of reality, honesty and an ethic of hard works that made me fit for this role. I viewed Canada as the best option and opportunity in helping my parents for a better life ahead.

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Ailec P.

I got my first paid job abroad as nanny/domestic helper in 2013 here in Hong Kong when my employer was still pregnant. At this present time, the child grew up under my care, she is already 4 years old.
In addition to the family the second baby girl was born in January of 2016 wherein I managed to cope with everything relating to their caring management both household chores and childcare as my main priority.
With only one employer since I entered Hong Kong, I have the comfortable zone, in dealing with the family diligently treating them as my own family.
I have always loved children and find nothing more rewarding than caring for them. My skills with childcare has provided me with a positive attitude and friendly nature. I have much patience because I trained this kind of skills during my younger years
I am a nanny for many years in one employer and I did a good job in dealing with children. I am polite, creative and humorous.

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Marilou S.

I have started to become a nanny in 2010 for a Chinese family with 2 children here in Hong Kong, and have completed my 2 years employment contract in early part of 2012 from my first employer. To gain more experience, I moved to the second employer serving an Italian family with 3 children from February 2012 up to the present for over 5 years now.
I am confident that I can provide an excellent childcare and overall household support in this role. I know just what it entails to look after of children employing compassion, understanding and patience. Additionally, I can provide overarching support with various household responsibilities including cooking, cleaning, running errands and doing laundry.

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Jyzle M.

I graduated my degree of Bachelor in Nursing at Easter College from 2006 to 2010. On the following year, I have passed the licensure examination to become a fully certified nurse.
I came to Hong Kong to work as a caregiver in 2013 up to the present in only one employer, taking care of a 71 year old elderly who has diabetes. I focused much on administering medicine, monitoring her blood pressure, accompanying her to the clinic for check up every 3 months, cooking for her meals, and housekeeping but more on companionship as she is alone in the house because all her kids are having families of their own.
I like my job and used to it as what other person should be because my employer has been very supportive and good, treating me as one of her family members.

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Rhea R.

I have worked as Nanny in Kuwait City in Middle East for 4 years from 2008 to 2012 taking care of 3 children ages 4, 2 and a newly born baby. After a while I came to Hong Kong in March of 2013 to work for a Chinese family and still working up to the present. My employer and the whole family has a good relationship with me considering that they are treating me as a part of their family.

I am a reliable person, flexible, caring and dedicated when it comes to dealing with my job as a Nanny whom I have experienced for 8 years.

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Rowena Rea C.

I am Rowena Rea C., 29 years old, a Filipina and currently working in Hongkong as a domestic helper. I am a graduate of Bachelor in Nursing and became a Registered Nurse on February 2010.

On October 2014 when I firstly arrived in Hong Kong, I took care of an 88 years old elderly. He was very nice and awesome widower who treated me very fairly and considers me as a part of their family. As a helper, I was responsible in taking care of the household making it clean, organized and always accessible for him. I usually go to the do the shopping and cook healthy food for his breakfast, lunch and dinner, and do the ironing and laundry of his clothes. I was his constant companion thus accompanying him to his medical appointments or check- ups and always ensure that he's taking his maintenance oral medications as I am fully aware that forgetfulness is common for old age.

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Michelle H.

My name is Michelle 33 years and I came to Hongkong in 2011 where I worked for a Chinese family in a matter of 6 years. I am presently taking care of a child aged 3 years old and have developed a strong connection with her ever since she was still small. My world with her is full of fun and activities the fact that I am constantly assisting her in school especially her homework. I can multi-task by doing housekeeping, meals preparation for the family, laundry, ironing clothes, aside from taking care of children. I am a non-smoker. My six years experiences as nanny in Hong Kong make me feel a good candidate for the position. I have a friendly and pleasing demeanor and enjoy working with any family in Canada based on my skills and experience.

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